Thursday, 26 November 2009

Something filled up my heart with nothing

I got so excited when I finished this a few weeks ago that I handed it straight over to he who doesn't deserve and only managed to procure it from his head today for a photo.

It was my first attempt at making labels for my creations and I'm never going back.

Thursday, 5 November 2009


So, I seem to have started a new project.

After admitting to a few people that yes, the hat materialising on my needles was for my heartbreaker of choice (and the one on my head having been created a few months previous to my exacting requirements) I've suddenly been overloaded with laddish pals' requests because "Hey, I'm a heartbreaker too!"

Aaah, guys: it ain't COOL, y'know?

Thus Hats for Heartbreakers has been born out of tumultuous emotional angst and a grow bag sized stash of wool.

After the Ian MacKaye-style beaut I'm carving out of some merino, I've organised an exchange of autumnal cosiness for a friend's legendary lasagne. A request for a pom pom laden love affair, a hat "with ears" [unspecified] and a Wes Anderson ripoff have since been requested.

Even thinking of embroidering some labels - but in a proper tech fashion this time. Not like when I was 15 and sewed 'i love you' real small into the inside sleeve of a coat I'd bought my boyfriend. Urm, why have I brought that up...

But this will be great! This is swell as hell! This has totally taken my mind off the fact that the foyer smells like melted horses... oh, I have remembered.

Friday, 23 October 2009