Friday, 12 March 2010

Autumn Already

And so the Autumn/Winter collections have shown, with the internet allowing me to drool at them whilst incased behind a University workdesk. Here is my pit stop course in what I loved and shall be attempting or is already totally me.

1. Delicate dainty footwear strapped across thick woollen socks, seen here at Prada. Just because I won't let the weather govern which days I stride out in sandals doesn't mean I'm wanting to face frostbite.

2. Marc Jacob's sequin dipped hems. Enviably glungey, like returning from a muddy woodland walk in a dream.

3. Pea coats are a perennial favourite, but his one edges into the lead for being a classic wear-with-anything cut and colour set apart by that incredible collar. Prada's collection was just incredible - I loved the flashes of flesh in unexpected areas whilst the rest was kept prim - but this jacket was my absolute favourite.

4. The florals at Cacharel. This is so delicate that it looks like it should only exist in a Barbie doll's wardrobe.

5. Versus. Christopher Kane at the helm, bra detailing, flirt skirts, velvet and satin, bold colours against pale skin, pleated leather? Hell yes.

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