Thursday, 25 March 2010

My New Favourite Charity

FHey, creativity seems to be at a high in the charitable sector. Perhaps because the exposed fragility of the economy has left everyone a little tight and new ways are needed to entice in small change? Well, I approve.

Shoebox Living are amidst making a shoebox 'estate' of thousands of children's remakings of a room in their home. Accompanied by a few lines describing what they've portrayed and approaching vulnerable kids with not the happiest childhood experiences sure does make this a melancholy insight at times, but it's such a uniquely beautiful way to get children to engage and confide. I love some of the descriptions:

we have a lion that we keep in a locked room. we cut his nails so he won't scratch us but we leave his teeth long. once he slept in my room.

Fine Cell Work is amazing too. From their well thought out, delicate logo to the commmissions clearly tailored to what each prisoner enjoys embroidering, it echoes the artist's situation rather than smothering it over with a gloss polish.

The ship design with 'Homeward' written beneath is my particular favourite.

For those more in a position to help out than donate, YouthNet are offering £1000 to the winner of their Change Through Art competition focusing on how the recession has moulded the current experience of Britain's youth. Your piece will be used as artwork for the charity's material on the subject and, as it's judged by some fairly respected members of the art elite, it seems kinda worthwhile for those with a spare afternoon at the weekend. The forecast is for rain after all.

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