Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Slim with the titled brim.

Brad's been ill with laryngitis so what better way to cheer her up than obesity bakery.

We used Bakerella's Snickerdoodle Duo recipe, because it's my favourite source of bakery inspiration right now. Cinnamon cupcakes, cinnamon cookie topping, meringue icing. We baked out cookies larger to resemble hats rather than stacks.
Remember: novelty first, kids.

Whilst waiting for the icing to set, Bradders did some marking.

Question: Describe a man.

Answer: "Just bust out of a mental asylum. Dancing like there's no tomorrow. Hair looks like he's been electrocuted. Having the time of his life."

We laughed til we cried, then dived gob-first into the wizard cupcake tribe. Watched the 'Hush' episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer so she wouldn't feel quite so alone in her voicelessness.

She left my house terrified.

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