Friday, 26 November 2010


I'm behind the times here as I only managed to watch A Single Man last night. Thwarted in all previous attempts to get my eyes in front of it, I was anticipating I'd be underwhelmed after all my waiting.

It was elegant. Strikingly so. But even more than that, it put men in angora.

That scene on the lawn made this pair look devastatingly attractive and my eye was already on the sweater. Little did I know he would wear it throughout the movie (nudity aside).

God bless you, Tom Ford.

Unsurprisingly, I now more than feel the need to make this sweater. There is no "hmm" about it; it needs to be achieved, trawling the internet this morning for a similar pattern. I always love angora sweaters in Autumn anyhow... but the boat neck, blush tone, manly cut of this one has me entirely in rapture. And set off by that check shirt too! I'll hush up, now.

Today I wear a gingham blouse under a v-neck angora as an act of homage.

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