Friday, 21 January 2011

Win some / lose some.

The overwhelming smoothness of my Wolford tights resulted in disaster a few days ago when, whilst rushing down the stairs after being promised a cheese toastie, I slipped and smashed the two ceramic mugs I'd been carrying. That weren't mine, that were my boyfriend's Mum's. Tea: everywhere.

I headed to M&S to replace them today before she returns from a cruise (for the record, I had to settle for something similar rather than a replica so am still fearing wrath).

Noticed as I passed the shoe aisle that they've very successfully replicated Louis Vuitton heels from last season in a wearable/affordable fashion... so I'll let them off.


  1. What kinda mugs were they.

    For instance, I'm havin' some coffee now and drinkin' it outta a mug that's says Glitz and has sombreros on it. It's from South of the Border in South Carolina...the gaudiest place on the planet. Breakin' that one would be tragic

    There's a mug on the counter from Las Vegas...I'd throw that one in the road if you asked nicely and wouldn't think twice about it.

    Then of course there's the china pattern. I could take or leave but the wife....

    So which were they...china, Las Vegas, or South of the Border?

  2. They looked like shell/mug hybrids either bred by weird genetics or unconstrained 'mixed species' inter-population. Utterly irreplaceable.