Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Family Familiarity

My sister and I have little in common apart from mutual respect. She's the definition of 'meek and mild' which, in many's eyes, makes me purely wild.

Dreamt the over day that we were hanging out together in a stilted fashion - me knitting, her flicking through a magazine. All normal. I informed her that 'this wool isn't quite what the pattern suggested so it's a bit of an experiment to see if it would work.' She was interested, she nodded. We continued.

Then, the mitten was completed. Slipped it over my hand. It was huge, an oven glove for a giantess. "Whoops, didn't quite work!" I said light-heartedly. "Aaah, no it didn't" she responded.

"WELL, YOU'VE NEVER TRIED TO KNIT A MITTEN" I, of course, then blasted with the voice of a demonic being. Of course. The perfect end.

...Might be a bit more going on there than it let on, eh?


  1. My blog would be half empty if wasn't for the trash that goes on between me and my little sister.

    By our late 20's it became a source of affection though...still expressed in a lot of trash talk. :)

    I want a giant mitten...I'd wear it on my head with the thumb stickin' out.

  2. I just read my comment and it doesn't make any sense...sorry. I shouldn't try to post at dinner with a cat on my lap.

    I meant to say...that me and my sister our polar opposite too (her being a giant dork) and that's what became a source of affection as we got older.

    Feel free not to publish this one...just wanted to clarify.

  3. 'Polar opposite... her being a giant dork.' Yet you'd wear a giant mitten as a hat? Buddy, in the best possible way, that makes you as dorky as they come. x

  4. Alright then you got me...but I have a better record collection than she does.