Thursday, 5 May 2011

Hot Wire My Heart

I didn't really get Alexa Chung... I appreciate a girl being able to dress stupendously well but I like it to be coupled with a little more (humour/humility) which isn't really demonstrated when someone's enviably skinny frame is plastered across magazines mutely present at endless fashion frivolities.

And then she said in this month's Vogue:

"I saw a picture of myself at a Mulberry event last year in LA. I had a really deep tan and long, slightly blonde hair. And I just wondered: who are you? Terry Nutkins?"

Which not only made me burst out laughing, but also reminded me of the time I had a 'Really Wild Show' leaflet folded up at playtime when playing The X Files, forming an FBI badge with Terry's face in the picture slot.

Just as I hadn't thought I'd ever hear the words, "That's not David Duchovny, that's Terry Nutkins", Chung has proved equally surprising. I love when that happens.

1 comment:

  1. ha! was it an otter or a badger that bit off his finger? I can never remember but both are equally humourous. Poor Terry; he loves the animals but they don't love him