Monday, 23 April 2012

Let's cheer up, now.

Made first from an old bed sheet for practice, I designed myself a little Breton top last week that is in a cotton I couldn't resist*.

It buttons up the back and we're both very happy together.

*from 'The Sewing Shop' off Canterbury High Street

Wednesday, 11 January 2012


I couldn't bear to part with these trousers as the fabric is too incredible. Floral AND cord? Sweet heaven.

So I had a go at making a tote bag. First project with the sewing machine bought for me at Christmas, presumably because my Mum had paled at my giving my sister a hand decorated trench coat for her birthday a few months earlier. I admit it took a bloody long time.

I had to go for a slightly smaller size than A4 to use the best bits of the fabric; this is good though, as I wanted it to be for 'everyday' but not for carrying work or anything like that. Managed to salvage one of the pockets too, so I fixed that on one of the seams left from the original cut. The waistband made a really simple strap and I positioned it diagonally so the bag will sit more flush against my body - a must when you're cycling around and don't want it dangling at your elbow.


About three years ago, when I was only just learning to knit, I designed and made my brother a mobile phone case. It was black and red and simply said 'Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha' all over it, at his request. (He was very keen on the latest Batman movie at the time.) A mere three months later - despite his current phone being still box fresh - he purchased a new one he liked better. As teenagers are prone to do. One that was a completely different size.

The case became a relic.

Ever since, he has dropped hints not even at all subtly that he would like the case re-knitted in a bigger size.

Well... I didn't find it that fun to knit in the first place. Sorry! Selfish of me, I know. But these projects take time, even if just a few hours. I have to feel that they're worthwhile.

At least another phone later, he owns an Apple one and had complained the plastic case was dull and slipped regularly out of his hand. He's in university at the moment and attends a lot of fancy dress parties, if his Facebook photos serve me well. Hence I decided to make a case that incorporate this interest. Basing it on the Pixel People available here, I made a cross stitch that resembles me and him together at one of those parties, who we would most likely pretend to be. I then glued it into a plastic case with a whole heap of grip to the sides. No more throwing your phone across crowded bars, little bro!

Last Christmas post, I PROMISE. I did make a small reindeer hat for a child but it's cool, you can just imagine. Go ahead.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Get chuffed, Dad!

My Mum asked me to knit my dad a tank top for Christmas whilst simultaneously trying to convince him any time he perused them in stores that he couldn't possibly want to own one.

Luckily, it paid off.

Monday, 19 December 2011

Deck The Halls

I daren't have tried persuading my boy to go halves on a tree (he calls upon his Jewishness particularly hard at this time of year...) but I also couldn't resist decorating just slightly.

So, I knit fourteen of these little blighters and strung them together. I already had lots of red wool left over from other projects (this one included.)

Darren referred to them as 'The Mitten Parade' after I'd tacked them up. I liked that.

Wednesday, 30 November 2011


No, not some contrived photograph of me standing around in a quirky ensemble that proves I know how to clash colours and patterns adequately.  Instead, this is my friend's band and their really rather good single. Me and my favourite person and some other folk we kinda now all lent our faces to the video.

OUTFIT - Two Islands from Versus on Vimeo.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

What sound do bunnies make?

For information, slippers seem silent.

I made these from this pattern but I should have felted them a little longer, I fear. Felt first timer. They're perfect, but not as rigid as the pattern photographs suggest they should be. I'm taking this as an excuse to another pair for my mother in white.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Good Plaid

I guess there ought to be more dancing, but lately I've mainly been writing on this new blog amongst friends. Let me know what you think, you little lovelies.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

My Boyfriend's always telling me to get my ass out the window.

It's not that I purposefully put it there, but I will wander around near enough starkers without a second thought for closing curtains. Perhaps he knows better than I do what perverts are capable of, but I just highly doubt someone's gonna keep a keen eye up at the window in case a tush comes into view for a second or two.

I once showed a teen my tits a few years back but I hardly think it ruined a day.


Has there ever been a finer concept?

These pieces call Reykjavik, Iceland home - which is just another reason I'd like to go there when my current lusting for a spanking by the sunshine is sedated. Where the heck's our Summer, hey? Now, back to business:

Found these here, which is coincidentally one of my new favourite finds blog-wise.

Update: Vintage sequin collection? Oh sheesh, a new obsession.