Wednesday, 31 March 2010


At first glance, these look like thickly layered oil paint pieces, but they're real life human beings/doings/movings lacquered up with acrylic and photographed by Alexa Meade.

It's like a cheeky reverse of an ordinary trompe-l'œil and I think it works remarkably well because the subjects are so interesting. My favourite is MR USA below. He looks like the kinda fellow who'd bug the hell out of us English in public places but hey, we're safe because he's 2D, right?


Love the dude below trying ever so hard not to look directly at 'it'.

EDIT: I keep looking at the above photo and singing Paul Simon 'You Can Call Me Al'. Imagine him doing a little twirl after his current strut.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Pens / Pencils / Pendants

I was lucky enough to get bought a pendant I'd real keened myself up on: a long chain from Whistles with an enamel pencil at its base as below:

Weighted just right so that I miss it as soon as I've taken it from my neck. Plus the length makes it perfect to play with when I catch a dose of fidgeting fingers. It's made me want to acquire more jewellery, though. I'm excessively picky when it comes to the decorative touches, hence I'm usually unembellished. But I seem to have picked up a trend for jewellery evoking my recent (and hopefully continued) attempts to write more regularly.

This necklace is by Daydream Nation - it alas reminds me that I never did track down one of their airmail dresses that I so desired. Probably a blessing in disguise as I'd never have worn anything else.

I never really wear bracelets, ever, but I can really honestly imagine making an exception for this Triskaidekaphobia number. It's not overly dainty but I imagine it (along with that cute little spider) would hang juuuust right.
Plus I like that it's not a name but more a prophetic statement on the tag. Because you don't necessarily write to be remembered; but if you write it, you clearly think it's important that it be aired. It conversely makes me think of J.D. Salinger's 'Franny and Zooey': I'm sick of not having the courage to be an absolute nobody.

Matted fur.

A tower containing your latest Rapunzel
is on the horizon
and you are running ahead.
I am in the suit of armour I adopt every day now.
It's become a second skin
so I forget it marks me out.
To me, I'm still naked like I
should be shivering
and I so keenly keep my
on you so we
can be homeward, fast.
I don't realise the clunkiness
of my gait
can be quite the spectacle
to the couples picnicking,
strawberries in hand
as red as a bloodied gum.
You are barking up
at the mane she won't throw down
and I am noting mentally
every chip in the stone brickwork between you.
My slow, encumbered walk
reaches you before you tire
and I have to stand shuffling my left foot
in its sneaker covered in tin foil
struggling to find interest
in the nails I've already bitten back.
Maybe a clink of my metal
reminds you I'm there
or maybe you were all but ready to
give up anyway.
You ask with your tongue lolling
if we can walk for home
without you wearing your leash;
your tail isn't between your legs
but there's something in your throat.
You cough and it's not your heart;
It's a hairball.

Monday, 29 March 2010


I try my hand at everything I find interesting enough, but Marian Bantjes seems to be accomplished in so many mediums that it renders me more than mediocre (and that's being kind).

This flowery message seemed apt seeing how I'm still singing Local Natives at my desk:

I grant a knitter's respect to this novel use of yarn

Detail from a work in sugar:

And just look at her frickin' business card, for Christ's sake!

I love that a computer's often so secondary in her work, and that the messages are often so intricate that the take work to read. Things shouldn't always come too easy, lads.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

My New Favourite Charity

FHey, creativity seems to be at a high in the charitable sector. Perhaps because the exposed fragility of the economy has left everyone a little tight and new ways are needed to entice in small change? Well, I approve.

Shoebox Living are amidst making a shoebox 'estate' of thousands of children's remakings of a room in their home. Accompanied by a few lines describing what they've portrayed and approaching vulnerable kids with not the happiest childhood experiences sure does make this a melancholy insight at times, but it's such a uniquely beautiful way to get children to engage and confide. I love some of the descriptions:

we have a lion that we keep in a locked room. we cut his nails so he won't scratch us but we leave his teeth long. once he slept in my room.

Fine Cell Work is amazing too. From their well thought out, delicate logo to the commmissions clearly tailored to what each prisoner enjoys embroidering, it echoes the artist's situation rather than smothering it over with a gloss polish.

The ship design with 'Homeward' written beneath is my particular favourite.

For those more in a position to help out than donate, YouthNet are offering £1000 to the winner of their Change Through Art competition focusing on how the recession has moulded the current experience of Britain's youth. Your piece will be used as artwork for the charity's material on the subject and, as it's judged by some fairly respected members of the art elite, it seems kinda worthwhile for those with a spare afternoon at the weekend. The forecast is for rain after all.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010


I am midway through writing an article on Fall fashion's love of knitwear (close to my heart anyway) when Purlesque posted this spectacular advert.

The kettle at the end is magical. It makes me feel like a kid again, this!

Friday, 12 March 2010

Autumn Already

And so the Autumn/Winter collections have shown, with the internet allowing me to drool at them whilst incased behind a University workdesk. Here is my pit stop course in what I loved and shall be attempting or is already totally me.

1. Delicate dainty footwear strapped across thick woollen socks, seen here at Prada. Just because I won't let the weather govern which days I stride out in sandals doesn't mean I'm wanting to face frostbite.

2. Marc Jacob's sequin dipped hems. Enviably glungey, like returning from a muddy woodland walk in a dream.

3. Pea coats are a perennial favourite, but his one edges into the lead for being a classic wear-with-anything cut and colour set apart by that incredible collar. Prada's collection was just incredible - I loved the flashes of flesh in unexpected areas whilst the rest was kept prim - but this jacket was my absolute favourite.

4. The florals at Cacharel. This is so delicate that it looks like it should only exist in a Barbie doll's wardrobe.

5. Versus. Christopher Kane at the helm, bra detailing, flirt skirts, velvet and satin, bold colours against pale skin, pleated leather? Hell yes.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Secret Mission

Listening to The xx and harbouring a dumb fun secret that I'll reveal if the project doesn't transmute into a disaster.

Monday, 8 March 2010


A best friend from home came up and it was a bit bloody lovely.

We were all in quite hysterical a mood, especially when I tried to voice search for 'porpoise' and my phone heard Pink Floyd. It accurately reacted to Chris' request for "Oprah Winfrey's windshield" so I felt distinctly snubbed (when I attempted afterwards, it heard it as 'movie times').

I wish I didn't speak with the same cadence as Minnie Mouse.